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Clean Water

Clean Water

Since 2008 Kilbride Environmental Services has been developing and using the Typhoon System to clean water mains. In excess of 125,000 m of mains have been surveyed and cleaned with diameters of pipes varying from 8 inch to 72 inches.

Types of linings cleaned have included asbestos cement, epoxy lined, cement lined, bitumen lined, polyethylene lined and PVC.

Kilbride Environmental Services has been involved with all the 5 Contracts issued in the AMP5 Period. The Typhoon Cleaning System has been used to clean water mains of 18 inch diameter upwards and Ice Pigging was used to clean the smaller diameter pipes. Together Typhoon and Ice Pigging provided the full water main cleaning requirements for Northumbrian Water.

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CCTV Surveying

Usually before cleaning work commences a specialist CCTV rig is inserted into the de-watered main to inspect the condition of the pipe. This specialist RICO system has a range of 600m which matches the range of the Typhoon System when using a Wiedemann water re-cycling machine. The RICO system has two different crawler systems and can inspect pipe diameter ranging from 22 centimetres to 2 meters.

This system provides exceptionally good picture quality which can be critical when decisions have to be made about potential remedial work.

How it works

The innovative patented feature of the Typhoon lies in the valve design which enables the cleaning head to be remotely switched between thrust and cleaning mode multiple times whist in the pipe. This affords the extreme range and ability to negotiate multiple bends in the pipe section. When switched to cleaning mode the inside of the pipe walls are cleaned using water applied through fan jets. The system is flexible so that the water pressure, manifold angle of attack and fan spread can all be adjusted to suit the pipe environment.


Raw Water

The Typhoon System has been used to remove heavy encrustation from raw water pipes where capacity and flow rates were severely affecting the performance of the water system. The syphons and worst affected parts of the system were cleaned using the Typhoon together with a 90 g.p.m water re-cycler.

Truck 01

Truck 02
Truck 03

Reservoirs & pipework

Kilbride Environmental Services have used its bespoke cameras and cleaning vehicles to survey and clean pipework and tanks on reservoirs. Powerful suction and jetting facilities enable work to be carried out even when close access has not been available so that pipes are cleaned and debris removed.

Conversion of raw water pipes to potable water pipes

The Typhoon System has been successfully used in the conversion of raw water mains to potable mains. The extremely thorough cleaning provided by the system together with the speed of cleaning means the system is ideal in circumstances when the time a network can be taken off line is minimal.

Bridge Crossings

Another example of the flexibility of the Typhoon System is the ability to clean bridge crossings. A case example was the Redheugh Bridge Crossing in Newcastle upon Tyne where the 501m 28inch diameter main was cleaned from a chamber situated on the south bank of the river. The main traversed the bridge before reaching an 18m vertical section through the bridge leg before taking a sweeping 90 degree bend. By using Typhoon traffic disrupting excavations were avoided and no potentially damaging winching operations were required.

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